Trabaj/ho: Resistance of a Colonial Imprint

Trabajo. Trabaho. Work in Spanish and Filipino, share every letter but one. While the meaning of the word remains ingrained in each culture’s history through an apparent shared crossover of language, there is more than what is on the surface of what work has been shared between these communities and the work that still remains.

The Spanish Empire was known as “the empire on which the sun never sets.” The influence and power of that sun still has yet to set for the Latinx and Filipinx communities. The colonial imprint of Spain on both the Philippines and Latin America, have manifested in a way that has allowed both communities to share both a history of work and resilience. 
Trabaj/ho aims to highlight how contemporary artists of Latinx and Filipinx descent are decolonizing many of these shared residual systems from Spanish colonization and what these shared experiences mean to them in their contemporary lives in America.